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Why Sri Lanka


Friendlyness of people

Foreigners are more welcome than anywhere else in tropical countries. Sri Lankans are easy going and outstandingly friendly. In contrast to other beautiful countries in the tropics the Sri Lankans don't look down on their guests from western countries. There are no resentments against westerners, neither by religion, race or history.


Beauty of the island

Sri Lanka has been called the "pearl of the Indian Ocean" for centuries. Why? Simply because it's the most beautiful place you can imagine.


Political stability

Since independence in 1948 Sri Lanka is a democracy. Political discussions and free elections are part of Sri Lanka's everyday culture.

Even during the times of the ethnic problem in the north and north west (Tamil Tiger rebels fighting for the separation of the country) stability was maintained.


Foreigners may legally own property

Unlike in most other Asian countries a foreigner can become the sole owner of property in Sri Lanka - as an individual or through a company owned by him. You don't need front-men or "friends". You can just go the straight an legal way.



Compared to other tropical countries you enjoy an outstandingly peaceful life in Sri Lanka. You don't have to be afraid of serious crime.